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PT Mulia Agrapana Niaga. (MAN) is a palm oil company based in Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia. We envision ourselves as a world-class plantation company with a mission to realize the full potential of palm oil.

Our belief in palm oil as a crucial answer to address future surge of edible oil needs, fuel national development and bring real benefits to communities and the environment is what motivates us. We thus operate all our plantations and mills in accordance with the industry’s best practices and sustainability standards.

This Is Our PalM Oil Product

Palm Oil

By going public, the Company is committed to continuously improve and maintain business continuity based on the principles of good corporate governance. Utilizing Management’s expertise and experience to improve the Company’s operations in the future, by clearly preparing the responsibilities of each of the Company’s operating units to improve the overall efficiency of the Company and the Company’s ability to quickly respond to the changing market conditions.

We believe in the tremendous potential of palm oil and are optimistic about the crop’s place in the future. With the highest crop productivity and land-use efficiency compared to other crops, palm oil can be a crucial, and more environmentally-friendly, answer to address future surge of edible oil needs. At the same time, the palm oil industry has the potential to contribute significantly to fueling development in countries such as Indonesia, especially their rural communities.

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